Work Management Facilitation Project

Introductory meetings

Business case meeting
Project planning meeting
Stakeholder alignment meeting

Workforce learning meetings

Introductory meeting
Organizational speed meeting
Continual improvement meeting
Collaborative innovation meeting
Asynchronously written communication meeting
Written work instructions meeting
Document templates meeting
Process management meeting
Information management meeting
Work management meeting
“Reinventing the wheel” meeting
Information sharing meeting
Work management with tables meeting
Table software tools meeting
Managed metadata meeting
Document library meeting
Information model meeting
Work management tables meeting
Wiki table meeting
File archive table meeting
Internal messages table meeting

Work management software meetings

Software tool categories meeting
Software tools evaluation meeting
Software tools architecture meeting
Software tool implementation meeting
Software tool adoption meeting

Team-focused improvement meetings

Employee interviews preparation meeting
Employee interview meeting
Employee survey meeting
Employee interviews and survey meeting
Team leadership meeting
Team communication and coordination meeting (email)
Team work management with tables meeting
Team writing and sharing meeting (wiki)
Weekly team-level meeting
Success story meeting
Organizational agreement meeting

Project closure meetings

Continual improvement meeting
Organizational outlook meeting
Evaluation meeting