Management questions


From complex to simple
From top-down to autonomous
From project to process & product
From waterfall to agile
From leadership to learning
From idea to implementation
From chaos to process
From push to pull

Leadership behavior

Bad leadership
Cuddling leadership
Team-building leadership
Educational leadership
Process-building leadership
Good leadership


Job & Outcomes
Interview & Survey
Root cause analysis
Brainstorming & Workshops
Capability maturity assessment
Business case
Elicitation & Communication
Agile solution implementation

Innovation system people page

Innovative people requirements list
Organizational image improvement list
People search list
People referrals list
Basic interview questions list
Advanced interview questions list
People support questions list

Corporate entrepreneurship series

Entrepreneur hiring list
Entrepreneur support list
Shared interests list
Investing list
Venture capital list
Business development list

Innovation sprint series

Team list
Roles list
Decision-making list
Sprint approach list
Working space list
Collaboration rules list
Expectations list
Business goals list
Customer definition list
Jobs definition list
Outcomes definition list
Sprint target list
Expert selection list
Interview structure list
Business expert interview list
Product expert interview list
Customer expert interview list
Technology expert interview list
Marketing expert interview list
Idea research list
Finding & Sharing list
Team dynamics list
Solution design list
Feedback sharing list
Solution to prototype list
Winning solutions list
Solution visualization list
Work distribution list
Prototyping list
Showcasing list
Interviewee recruitment list
Environment setup list
Interview structure list
Interview summary list
Feedback sharing list
Interpretation list
Follow-up list
Success sharing list
Innovation sprint scaling list

Job and outcomes series

Customer definition list
Job and outcomes list
Segments of opportunity list
Competitive analysis list
Hidden growth opportunities list
Market strategy list
Solution approaches list

Platform series

Upfront investment list
Single-sided solution list
Single-sided platform list
Existing platform list
Consumer incentivisation list
Producer incentivisation list
Existing consumers list
Big bang list
Micro market list
VIP users list

Bootstrapping series

Short-term profitability list
Service to subscription list
Scalable core list
Core content list
Core software list
MVP list
Scalable services list
Licensing list
Consulting to solution list

Hyperscaling series

Virality list
Zero inventory list
Platform business model list
Low COGS list
CAPEX reduction list
Recurring revenue model list
Self-service list

Friendship series

Basic habits list
Trust list
Change leadership list

Work ethic series

Courage list
Goals list
Commitment list
Respect list
Openness to challenges list
Values spreading list
Prioritization list

Leadership series

Values list
Example setting list
Vision list
Enlistment list
Challenge list
Experimentation list
Recognition list
Celebration list
Coaching list

Communication series

Elicitation list
Meeting list
Workshop list
Training list
Meetup list
Email list
Asynchronous messaging list
File collaboration list
Corporate social network list
Wiki list
Database list
Text chat list
Web conference list
PSTN call list
Virtual town hall list

Meeting series

Facilitator preparation list
Team preparation list
Reading list
Presentation list
Discussion list
Decision-making list
Results documentation list
Sharing list

Learning series

Content model list
Content collection list
Content creation list
Content quality list
Content navigation list
Content structure list
Content style list
Content distribution list
Content sharing list
Content feedback list
Content update list

Community series

Internal Communities of Practice list
Internal Communities of Innovation List
Internal Communities of Interest List
Internal Communities of Place List
External Customer Communities List
External Partner Communities List
External Supplier Communities List
External Competitor Communities Worksheet
External Startup Communities Worksheet

Positioning series

Customer Definition List
Customer's Decision-maker List
Job and Outcomes List (of the customer)
Customer Experience with Existing Solutions List
Complexities with Existing Solutions List
Existing Solutions List
Reasons for Non-Consumption List
Previous Attempts at Solving the Challenge List (from the customer perspective)
Previous Attempts at Solving the Challenge List (from the vendor's/provider's perspective)
Solution List
Solution Components List
Strategic Five Forces List
Strategic SWOT List
Value Proposition List
Buying Challenges List (of the new solution)
Proposition Simplification List
Price Simplification List
Unique Components List
Competitive Advantage List

Monopoly series

Brand Monopoly List
Proprietary Technology Monopoly List
Network Effects Monopoly List
Positioning Monopoly List
Circumstances Monopoly List
Regulatory Monopoly List
Speed of Serving Emerging Needs Monopoly List
Incumbent Inertia Monopoly List
New Capabilities Monopoly List
Professional Services Engagement Format Monopoly Lis

Service productization series

Elicitation List
Offering List

Pricing series

Physical Asset Solution List
Physical Asset Solution Leasing List
Intangible Service Solution List
Content & Software Solution Licensing List
Content & Software Solution Subscription List
Transaction Commission List
Advertising List

Referral series

Elicitation List
Customer Talkers List
Employee Talkers List
Fan Talkers List
Professional Talkers List
Identification of Talkers List
General Topics List
Offering Topics List
Talker Support Package List
Case Study Content List
Educational Content List
Do-it-yourself Handbook List
Commercial Content Samples List

Email marketing series

Flow List
Style & Tone List
Software List
Schedule List
List Collection List
Segmentation List
Unsubscription Procedure List
Text List
Design List
CTA List
Lead Magnet List
Test Preparation List
Subject Line Test List
Design Test List
Schedule Test List
Reporting List
Performance Measurement List
Sales Measurement List
Measurement List

Freelance consulting series

Assessment List
Personal assets - Experience
Personal assets - Current and future state of business
Personal assets - Role models
Business model - Personal mission
Business model - Target clients
Business model - Job-to-be-done
Business model - Value proposition
Business model - Core assets
Business model - Personal network
Business model - Feedback
SWOT - Strengths
SWOT - Weaknesses
SWOT - Opportunities
SWOT - Threats
Content - Internal use case
Content - Target audience use case
Content - Writing style and content structure
Content - Feedback by the target audience
Spread the word - Personal website
Spread the word - Social media
Spread the word - Webinars
Spread the word - Community