Agile Outsourcing Project

Initial meetings

Business case meeting
Project planning meeting
Stakeholder alignment meeting
Stakeholder interviews preparation meeting
Stakeholder interview meeting
Employee survey meeting
Interviews and survey results meeting
Solution options meeting
Function alignment meeting

Preparation meetings

Sourcing strategy meeting
Solution strategy meeting
Solution outcomes meeting
RFI development meeting
RFS development meeting
Statement of outcomes meeting
Statement of work meeting
Service catalog meeting
Preparation (plan) process meeting
Development (build) processes meeting
Operations (run) processes meeting
Service levels meeting
Pricing system meeting
Supplier research meeting

Selection meetings

RFI release meeting
RFI response evaluation meeting
RFI response down selection meeting
RFS release meeting
Supplier evaluation model meeting
Supplier selection criteria meeting
RFS response evaluation meeting
Supplier checks meeting
Reference checks meeting
Due diligence meeting
RFS response down selection meeting

Solution presentation meetings

Solution presentation meeting
Solution Q&A meeting
Presentation down selection meeting
Solution walkthrough meeting

Iterative solution development meetings

Iterative development supplier meeting
Iterative development internal meeting
Solution development down selection meeting

Contract draft meetings

Master agreement draft meeting
Statement of work draft meeting
Service catalog draft meeting
Service level agreement draft meeting
Additional contract documents meeting

Negotiation meetings

Negotiation meeting
Negotiation down selection meeting
Contract signature meeting

Project closure meetings

Development/transition kick-off meeting
Continual improvement meeting
Project evaluation meeting